Wednesday, September 08, 2004


don't you just love horses? I know I do! I have a horse, her name is Loretta.
She is so beautiful!!She is a palominoish-chestnutt collor and about 13.3 hh.
Do you have a horse? what kind?
horses are such wonderful crechers don't you think so?
they are such a joy to ride and be around.
I'm sooooo glad my friend Emily told me about this Because I'v
been scrambilling around all day just trying to find a place to create my own web page.
And now, I finally have one and I owe all my thanks to her. So, THANK YOY EMILY!!!!!
You are a good friend.
Anyway, horses are srong and well built for speed and agillity that's for sure.
They can be of multipul collors ans shaps of sizes.Used for many diffrent things.
All I know, is that the horse is deffenetly, the girls best friend. Becouse the dog is man's.
click the forword buttin to see some neat picturs. some of loretta!!!